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4 Things to Remember During an Electrical Installation

Electrical installation, whether in the home or a commercial infrastructure, is critical in any building project. While you may decide to leave this responsibility to professionals, it is still important that you know the safety measures required during an electrical installation.

On the other hand, if you plan to DIY the electrical installation in your home, it is even more critical that you understand the dangers and risks of doing this by yourself, without the help of trained and licensed professionals. Here are a few guidelines to remember when you take on electrical installation.

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  1. Be absolute sure that the power is OFF

This first rule is also the most important, and the simplest. Before starting any kind of electrical repairs work, it is absolutely imperative that you check the breaker or your power source to ensure it is turned off. In addition, in order to prevent anyone else from unwittingly turning the power back on, be sure to leave a note on the breaker or power source that some electrical work is being done and that they should leave the power off.

  1. Check and inspect

After you’ve turned off the breaker and any other power source, check that they are indeed shut off by using a voltage tester on the connections. Also be sure to inspect any relevant wires to make sure

  1. Be armed with the correct clothing and safety glasses

When working with electricity, debris and other electric sparks can fly out in all directions, so it’s critical that you project your eyes with safety glasses. To protect your entire body, make sure you are wearing protective gear – go for long-sleeved shirts, pants, wear gloves and put on shoes with thick soles to be safe. Depending on the scale of your project and its location, you might event want to go for wearing a hard hat.

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  1. Make sure you or your electrician gladesville has all the right tools and materials you need for the electrical installation

Any construction job or DIY project will require that you have the correct set of tools before you even get started. Some of these items include an electric drill, wire cutters, pliers, a cable stripper, fish tape, colored tape, a continuity tester, a right-angle drill, and a wire stripper. As much as possible, never use a knife in place of a wire stripper.

You also need all the right materials for the project, and that includes the correct grounded receptacles, junction boxes, switches, breakers, nail guards, track lights and fittings, ground foot interrupters, and cables. Don’t scrimp on the materials and opt for high quality ones for longer use and to reduce potential problems and faulty items.

When it comes to electrical installation, doing it right means doing it efficiently and safely. Safety should be your absolute priority, and that means using the right tools and materials for the job at all times. At the same time, if you are not doing it yourself (which is highly recommended), be sure to hire an electrician who is reliable and trustworthy to get the job done.

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