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What to Do Before, During and After Electrical Rewiring for Your Home

Faulty or out of date wiring warrants complete electrical rewiring for your home. It implies that you need to replace the electrical wiring in each and every room. You will also need to replace sockets, light fittings, and switches with new ones. Depending on how challenging the project is, it takes up to ten days or more.

Warning Signs That Say It Is Time To Rewire

  •       If you have a consumer unit that has wooden backing, black electrical cable, cast iron switches, or no labeling.
  •       Breakers that are always tipping.
  •       Cracked, broken or out to date plug sockets and round entries instead of the three pin options.
  •       Aluminum wiring or old cable colors existing in your home. Inspect to see if the cable includes a path or earth wire.
  •       Dimming or flickering lights that you need to change on a regular basis.
  •       Note that if you reside in a property that has not gone through rewiring for the past 25 years, it may be time for an upgrade.

Before the rewiring work is done, there are a couple of things you should have in mind during the entire process such as:

What To Do Before The Work Commences

The experts in rewiring should guide you on what should be done before they start working. You will get at least fourteen days notice to prepare for the project. Some of the things to do are:

  •       Pack belongings in a secure and safe manner.
  •       Professionals will fit in a new fuse box; thus, you need to clean out the area.
  •       Store away electrical items like the TV safely.
  •       Move any furniture close to sockets. It is best to move them to the middle of the room.
  •       If need be, take up the floor coverings (the contractor will advise on the way to go)
  •       Clear access for the workers to get in and out of the home without any difficulties.

What To Do Before, During And After Electrical Rewiring For Your Home

Prepare for a lot of mess as the electrical specialist remove the current wiring. It may feel like there are too many people in the house as some electricians Melbourne help each other do the job. The contractors may have to plaster over any damages done when replacing sockets and switches.

There may be disruption to the décor, but the workers try hard to minimize damage. Take note that the contractors will install a brand new consumer unit. They also fit new cabling in the walls and underneath the floor.

After Completing The Job

Before you settle in to enjoy the new wiring, the company that you were working with for electrical wiring for your home should send a clerk of works to inspect the final project. He/she will then come up with a comprehensive report to see if the electricians need to get back for some final touches.

When everything is in order, the company should conduct a satisfaction survey with the homeowner or residents to ensure that they are happy with the work that the professionals did.

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