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What Makes a Master Electrician

Taking on a renovation project in your home? Any kind of home improvement project takes a lot of time and effort, even if you have people working for you. To begin with, finding the right people to work for you is already a time-consuming activity, though it is incredibly crucial.

When it comes to the electrical aspect of your home improvement project, it’s essential that you find the right electrician to do the job. And depending on the complexity of the job, you might actually want to get a master electrician to work on your project.

But first things first – what is a master electrician? What are the differences between a master electrician and a regular, generic electrician? What should I expect from the work of a master electrician? What should I expect to pay for the services of a master electrician? Read on for a crash course on this matter.

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Who is a Master Electrician?

Like any other profession, becoming a master electrician requires several things. Depending on the area you live in, these requirements may vary.

Master electricians are responsible for setting up electrical systems in homes and other buildings. They are also called to make sure these electrical systems are running smoothly and without a hitch.

A master electrician would get his license by taking and passing a number of exams as well as providing proof of his work experience as an electrician. Having been educated or having received vocational training, an associate’s degree, or a bachelor degree in the field such as in electrical engineering will also be considered in various states and may actually lower the amount of years of experience needed before someone is eligible for a master electrician license.

A master electrician, as the title implies, is an electrician at the top of his field. Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, he is able to take on the most complex electrical projects, and this is because he has graduated from being an apprentice electrician and a journeyman.

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What is the difference between a master electrician, an apprentice electrician and a journeyman?

These three types of electricians are based on the level of experience and knowledge within the field, with the master electrician as the most knowledgeable and experienced, while the apprentice electrician is the least knowledgeable and experienced.

A master electrician can lead the most complex electrical projects and supervise an apprentice electrician and a journeyman. On the other hand, an apprentice electrician, because of his limited experience, must always work under the watchful eye of a supervisor. A journeyman is more experienced than an apprentice electrician, and can therefore be left to work on his own, as long as he has some form of guidance from an electrical expert.

An apprentice electrician must work between three to six years as such before being able to progress to a journeyman. He will also be required to have received some formal education on basic electricity and the electrical code.

A journeyman actually has the license to operate on his own, though he must often follow the directions and leadership of a master electrician.  

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