6 Electric Stove Troubleshooting Tips You Should Know

electric stove repair

Wear and tear can lead to problems with even the most well maintained electric stoves. If you wonder if it’s time you repaired your electric stove, here is an electric stove troubleshooting guide to use to help you decide.

  1. Electric stove stops completely

This is usually because the unit is not receiving electricity. So check to find out if the unit is plugged in properly or not. If it’s a new home you have shifted to, it’s possible that the outlet is faulty.

Another possible cause is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, or a problem with the house’s main wiring connection, like a burnt wire. There is also a chance that the oven’s wiring has broken or burnt, which has to be repaired using the right wire and connectors.

  1. Coils not heating up

If the range lights are working, but one or more of the coils don’t seem to be working properly, a faulty internal ignition switch is most probably the culprit. It’s also possible that the coil element is not properly plugged in which leads to a loose connection or there’s no connection as something is stuck between the stove and element.

It’s also probably though, it’s not visible, the coil may have broken due to something heavy dropped on it or placing something cold on it while it was still hot. If it’s the first time you are using the unit, it may be that the element is not meant for the stove.

  1. Sparks appear while turning on the stove

There are various causes for these dangerous sparks. Whatever the reason may be, the stove has to be unplugged immediately and only after the coils cool down, should you look for its cause.

Extreme temperature or weight may have damaged the element or the element may not be meant for your stove. There is also a possibility that the stove top has some loose wires or connections or the coil element may have burnt out and started blistering or giving sparks. Burnt out heating elements have to be replaced as they cannot be repaired and its infinite switch controlling it has to be replaced too.  

  1. Lights showing hot burners don’t turn on

The most probable cause for this is a burnt out bulb. It’s also possible that the control switch found inside the stove is faulty.

  1. Burner temperature cannot be adjusted

This occurs when the burner gets heated and remains at high heat no matter where the knob is set and is usually caused by a faulty internal ignition switch. The circuit has to be checked for grounds and then its switch, replaced.

  1. Coils tend to move around upon placing utensils on them

This usually occurs when the wrong tray is placed under the coil. These trays not only help prevent food from leaking into the stove but also help secure the coil in place. There is also a chance that the coil is not the right size to fit your burner, which is why it tends to move when touched.

These are the main electric stove troubleshooting tips which you should be aware of so that you can have it repaired by professionals on time.