All About Light Switch Wiring

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Light switches are useful electrical gadgets. Typically, their primary function is to open and open power circuits thus allowing electrical energy to flow through appliances and lights. Previously, light switches were pretty simple electrical devices that anybody could handle since you just needed to flip them on or off. However, they have undergone massive improvements, and the technology behind them has evolved incredibly as well. The latest light switches now provide a broad range of control including the full-range dimming as well as dimmer light switches equipped with a range of preset functionalities. If you didn’t know, there are unique residential sensor light switches that automatically turn lights on when you enter your room and can equally turn off when you exit.

What are some examples of light switches?

The single-pole light switches: These are arguably the most common and simplest types of light switches. They are easy to operate, and you’ll only need to flip the lever upwards to complete the circuit thus turning the switch on. On the other hand, by flipping it downwards, you’ll be opening the circuit thus turning off the lights or receptacles.

Three-way and four-way switches: Any switch that operates hallway lights from either terminal of the hallway is referred to as a three-way light switch. It usually has an additional terminal. Three-way light switches have three terminal screws and may also come equipped with the green grounding screw. On the other hand, a four-way light switch has four terminal, has no markings on its toggle and may have the green earthing or grounding screw.

light switch wiring

In the last few years, dimmer light switches have proven to be one of the most preferred lighting options. Typically, dimmers are electrical devices used to reduce the brightness of the light. Simply put, they provide adjustable voltage to your light fixture. Through this, the brightness of the light fixture is precisely regulated thus allowing it to fade down to a dimmer lighting. It is imperative to note that dimmer light fixtures are extremely safe and efficient as well. Besides, they are easy to install and operate, and no professional wiring is required during the installation of a residential dimmer light switch.

The intensity of lighting in any particular room is a very critical aspect that you should always consider as a homeowner. Very bright light is not only uncomfortable but can equally pose potential health risks such as eye-related problems. On the other hand, insufficient lighting can put a strain on your eyes. The perfect way to regulate the intensity of the lighting in your room is by installing dimmer light switches. They give you the opportunity to adjust the brightness of your room to the ideal setting which you may be comfortable with.

So what are some of the benefits of installing dimmer switches?

They are durable: Your bulbs are likely to serve you for extended periods when you use dimmers to keep them lit. Experts agree that by dimming your lights by up to twenty-five per cent, you will potentially save approximately twenty per cent of the energy required. The softer the switch fades, the longer it will last. In fact, you can extend the life of your switch by up to eight times.

They offer excellent lighting controls: You can regulate your dimmer light switch with an easy-to-operate knob. Thanks to the latest technological improvements, you can now control the intensity of lighting with a remote control. There are also touch dimmer switches that give you change in lighting simply by pressing a single button. Dimmer light fixtures are also highly versatile, and you can use them in almost every room in your house, including bathrooms, living rooms, breakfast nooks as well as bathrooms. They give you complete control over the amount of light you want in your home.

They are energy efficient: By using dimmer switches, you will save up to ten per cent of your monthly energy bills. Again, by reducing your lighting wattage to the desirable amount, you have less tear and wear on the lighting fixture, a phenomenon that may help extend the overall life of the bulb.

Today, there are numerous types of dimmer light switches, and you may find it quite difficult selecting the best one. For real energy efficiency, it is advisable that you choose a model that is recommended for use with a light-emitting diode or compact fluorescent lamp bulbs. Of course, if you have little electrical knowledge, just seek the assistance of an experienced electrician within your locality.