What Does It Take To Become a Journeyman Electrician


Becoming an electrician is not a simple task – instead, it requires the proper training both in the classroom and on the ground. There are also various licensure and certification examinations an aspiring electrician needs to complete before he can be considered a master electrician.

Thankfully someone who is still working to become a master electrician can find ways to earn income by becoming a journeyman electrician. Read on to find out more.

Who is a journeyman electrician?

There are many types of electricians, and a journeyman electrician is what you can consider as a master electrician in training.

A journeyman can work in residential homes to install electrical wiring and various electrical systems, as well as various kinds of electrical repairs. They have the ability to read and evaluate blueprints and have a good understanding of the building codes and building regulations in the area where he works. A journeyman electrician is often self-employed.

What are the daily tasks of a journeyman electrician?

When hired by a client, a journeyman electrician’s tasks can include working with control systems and electrical wiring in a home or building. He can be tasked to set up security systems as well as light fixtures. He can install switches, electrical outlets, circuit breakers and transformers in a home.

A journeyman electrician is not qualified to design the primary electrical system of infrastructure, as this task should only be done by a master electrician.

Nevertheless, a journeyman electrician can work on electrical projects in residential, commercial and even industrial buildings.

How is a journeyman different from other types of electrical contractors?

A journeyman electrician would have already gone through the proper training programs and received the required amount of hands-on experience as other electricians, but he has yet to obtain the proper licenses and certificates needed in order to be certified as a master electrician.

Depending on the location, however, some states and countries will require journeyman electricians to have some form of license or certification before they can work as such.

What are the requirements to become a journeyman electrician?

Typically an aspiring electrical contractor will go through a training and apprenticeship program that will last for four years. This 4-year program will include as much as six hundred hours of classroom activity, and as much as eight thousand hours of hands-on, on the job training.

Upon completion of the 4-year program, he would be able to receive status as a journeyman electrician.

To find out where you can apply for electrician training and apprenticeship programs in your area, look up any industry groups or labour unions that are active in your location, or inquire with training academies, technical schools or the community college in your area.

Where can a journeyman electrician find work?

Construction and building projects will often have available positions for journeyman electricians, where they will be working under the guidance of a master electrician. This is a good place to gain experience as well as learn to work with building contractors, carpenters, and labourers.